Mother's day menu

Cupcake assortment

For Mother's day we've prepared unique new flavor combinations with beautiful hand piped roses, and hydrangeas! Our cupcakes are hand-piped with a nut-based buttercream frosting of your choice over light and fluffy cake base. 

Chocolate lavender
Raspberry champagne
Matcha strawberry

Assortment of 6 large cupcakes ($ 30)
Assortment of 12 mini cupcakes ($ 34)


Macarons Assortment

Our assortment of macarons were designed specifically with Mom's taste in mind, with a rich "buttercream" filling between chewy crispy almond meringue cookies. 

Chocolate caramel 
Vanilla Rose
Earl Grey

Assortment of 3 ($ 10)
Assortment of 6 ($ 20)

Gluten-free "cheesecakes"

Our cheesecakes are made with organic cashew-cheese filling over homemade gluten-free graham cracker cookie crust with the flavor of your choice

Blueberry Lemon
Pistachio Orange Blossom
Hazelnut Mocha

5" cake ($36-38)